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E-learning courses

If you have always dreamt about  becoming a chef, then now all you need is an internet connection to make this a reality. With Chef University and our professional, e-learning courses, you will find the right path to turn your aspirations into an actual career.

Constant feedback with tutors

Our on-line educational material is available at any time, including videos and web seminars. Thanks to constant feedback with tutors and teachers, we can guarantee you the best results in terms of learning, application of techniques and sharing of practical experiences

Learning from some of best Italian chefs

Italian cuisine has one of the most renowned culinary traditions in the world, and this is why Chef University has selected some of best Italian chefs, pizza chefs and pastry chefs, for our e-learning courses.


Pizza Chef Course: Mr. Rocco Morabito

Pizza Maker Course Teacher

  Mr. Rocco Morabito, born in 1989 and raised in a family of Italian restaurateurs, is a young Pizza Chef with a complete knowledge in food service management, including every area of the food & wine sector. Key word: commitment. This is a constant with the young Pizza Chef. Besides, acknowledging that research and knowledge are the preconditions to improve, he explores the culinary sector, with particular preference for pizza. Above all, he considers the yeast base – in Italian “Lievito Madre” – as the key ingredient that combines the Italian tradition with research. “Passion and humility are the secret ingredients for a good pizza, then enthusiasm makes it easy to do it! Only those lacking in willpower do not get results”.

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