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Chef University is the first Italian on-line culinary Professional Training School which merges tradition and technology. Chef University has been created by AssoAPI – Divisione Formazione, the first Italian on-line culinary Professional Training School for professional Chefs.

AssoAPI – the Italian National Association of Artisans and Small Entrepreneurs – has its headquarters in ROME, with offices and partnerships throughout Italy and worldwide. AssoAPI’s Training Department and Chef Univeritys hold and implement high-quality and innovative Professional Training Courses in the food & wine industry, throughout Italy and globally in the following areas: Cuisine Chef, Pizza Chef, Pastry Chef and Ice-Cream Maker.



Our guiding purpose is to provide students with specialized knowledge in order to adequately satisfy the increasing demand for quality personnel in all food & wine industry businesses. Thus, we foster and strongly promote the knowledge-based traditional values of Italian cuisine, which represent an asset enabling individuals to be more competitive in the international food & wine labor market.

Therefore, AssoAPI has developed an original learning formula, combining the most innovative training technologies with individual tutorials. Our team is composed of highly-skilled teachers and tutors. Every AssoAPI student throughout the entire Course is never left alone, thanks to the assistance provided at each stage.



Our courses aim to assist the student in the learning process, in order to successfully access a trade that is rarely affected by changes in the financial climate. The skills that the student will develop are based on the history and traditions that made Italian Cuisine a quality landmark worldwide. Indeed, the Professional Training Courses combine technology and modern tools with the Italian tradition, driven by care and attention for details. Besides, our friendly team of young experts will always be available to assist students.


The e-learning platform is truly innovative. It allows the student to learn and practice from home.  This is possible over the internet by studying from home, without significant shifts in location, which means time can be managed efficiently. During this phase, the student has access to the AssoAPI e-learning platform. Here the learning material is provided, including the participation in practical exercises, seminars, webinars and live sessions, all held by the teacher and experienced industry experts.

The innovative formula of the AssoAPI Courses is ideal for those who work or have other commitments, and for anyone who wants to optimize their time efficiently.


During all the stages of the Training Course, individual remote tutorials are provided by our team of teachers who can adapt to any requirements. According to each student’s main interest or preference, the teacher might provide personalized remote assistance: for any further insights, clarifications, particular and/or detailed explanations. In this sense, the student will be able to optimize their learning process and adapt it to their specific interests.

AssoAPI considers this step of central importance, fundamental to integrating the learning phase with the individual attitude of each student. In fact, thanks to the individual remote tutorials, the learning phase is tailored according to the students’ needs and preferences.


The lab training/workshop is the practical part of the Course, the opportunity to put into practice what has been learnt. It will be held by the teacher and scheduled at the end of each Course, only for those students who complete the learning phase and decide to attend the next Step.

The lab training/workshop is therefore the chance to work in a lab with the teacher, and be in contact with experienced experts. Of course, this is a key part of the learning experience and the chance to learn from AssoAPI’s excellent team of Italian Chefs: a starting point for a successful professional career.


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