Pizza Chef Course: Mr. Rocco Morabito


  Mr. Rocco Morabito, born in 1989 and raised in a family of Italian restaurateurs, is a young Pizza Chef with a complete knowledge in food service management, including every area of the food & wine sector. Key word: commitment. This is a constant with the young Pizza Chef. Besides, acknowledging that research and knowledge are the preconditions to improve, he explores the culinary sector, with particular preference for pizza. Above all, he considers the yeast base – in Italian “Lievito Madre” – as the key ingredient that combines the Italian tradition with research. “Passion and humility are the secret ingredients for a good pizza, then enthusiasm makes it easy to do it! Only those lacking in willpower do not get results”.

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Ice Cream Maker: Mr. Salvo Leanza


  Mr. Salvo Leanza is a prominent Chef, Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and Ice-Cream Maker. Born in Switzerland and raised in Sicily, he is currently Rome-based, where he collaborates with the Chef Mr. Mauro Mafrici from the 5 star luxury “Hotel Hassler”, located at the top of the Spanish steps. His career is characterized by professional partnership worldwide: the “Harris Bar”, “Casina Valadier” and “Vice” in Rome, the Lidia Bastianic’s “Felidia” in New York, and “Cafè de Paris” in France. After attending the “Festival of Italian Cuisine” in Saudi Arabia, and collaborating with the “Imperial” and “Princes Hotel” in Japan, he joined AssoAPI as a teacher, for the Ice-Cream Maker and the Pastry Chef Master Course.    

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Cuisine Chef Course: Mr. Mirko Balzano


  Class of 1986, Mr. Mirko Balzano spent more time in front of the stove than elsewhere. At the age of 12, he turned his kitchen into a lab of flavor. As a brilliant innovator, he moved the first pans in the kitchen of Mrs. Marianna Vitale, starred chef of the Naples restaurant “Sud”. After collaborating with the restaurant “Locanda Margon” in Trento, and the Mirabella Eclano’s “Villa Assunta”, he took over the direction of the “Ristorante Pietramare”. Besides, Mr. Balzano is currently a Chef at the “Vigna La Corte Eventi”, a consultant at the “Maeba” and “Triglia” restaurants, as well as a teacher at the AssoAPI Professional Cooking Course.

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Pastry Chef Course: Mrs. Carmen Vecchione

carmen vecchione

  Mrs. Carmen Vecchione is the Italian queen of Pastry. After debuting as a Pastry Chef next to Lino Scarallo and years of experimentation studies, in 2008 she established the patisserie “Dolciarte”, driven by aesthetics innovation and sought-after taste. The accurate research for high quality raw materials and the attention to detail makes “Dolciarte” a special business, considered as a milestone by pastry industry experts. According to the Italian specialized 2017 Food & Wine Guide “Gambero Rosso” , Mrs. Vecchione is highly ranked.  In fact, due to her professional success, she participates in the most important pastry industry events across Italy, namely: the Turin “Mole di Panettoni”, “Milano Golosa”; “Sweety of Milano”, “Festa a Vico”, “Re Panettone” and “Panettone d’Estate” organized by the Milan specialized Food & Wine Guide “Gastronauta”.  

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