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Chef Course



The Chef Professional Training Course enables the student to acquire the necessary skills to work in a professional kitchen, by learning how to organize activities based on the needs and available resources.


The Course is composed of 9 weekly theoretical and practical modules, to be studied comfortably from home through an e-learning platform, on slides and live video clips, which show step by step how to become a Professional Chef. Verification tests are scheduled at the end of each module, as well as technical and thematic webinars andpractical lab training/workshop,held by the teacher Mr.MirkoBalzano, awarded as “Emerging Chef” from the 2013/2014 Italian Touring Club, and as the best Chef in Central and Southern Italy receiving the “Cooking for Wine Palm”.


  1. Workplace organization;

  2. Sauces;

  3. Pasta;

  4. Meat;

  5. Eggs;

  6. Fish;

  7. Vegetables;

  8. Cooking types;

  9. Sensory analysis;

  10. Food cast;

  11. Hygiene and work safety;

  12. Tools;

  13. Sanitizing;

  14. Glossary Practical exercises for each module 

Educational Materials

  • video lessons

  • video with practical training

Issued Qualification

  • chef university diploma


  • 67 minutes


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