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Pastry Chef Course



The Pastry Chef Professional Training Course suits apprentices who are driven by a great passion for the world of pastry, and whointend to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills which characterize the Italian pastry traditions.


The Course is composed of 11 theoretical and practical modules (which imply at least 10 training weeks) to be studied comfortably from home through the e-learning platform, throughslides and live videoclips which show step by step how to become a professional Pastry Chef. Verification tests are scheduled at the end of each module, as well as a final online exam and a practical lab training/workshop,held by the teacher Mrs. Carmen Vecchione, a celebrity Italian Pastry Chef.


  1. Cream puff/profiterole pastry;

  2. Shortcrust pastry;

  3. Puff pastry;

  4. Pastry creams;

  5. Pastryrising;

  6. Mousse;

  7. Processing of chocolate;

  8. macaroons;

  9. Get your own business started;

  10. Craftsmanship;

  11. Hygiene and Safety Regulations;

  12. Practical tutorials for each module.

Educational Materials

  • video lessons

  • video with practical training

Issued Qualification

  • chef university diploma


  • 67 minutes


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