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Pizza Chef Course

pizza-courseThe demand for qualified pizza chefs is possibly one the most requested job in the world. Becoming a professional pizza chef means giving yourself the once-in-a-lifetime chance because there is an ever-increasing demand within this sector. Study, passion and experience can make the real difference in finding your way towards success.

For this purpose, Chef University has designed a high standard, vocational course which is accessible and where knowing the best raw ingredients to use, the right mixing techniques, the exact leavening and cooking times, provide the foundations for developing your professional skills.

Only by mastering the “ABCs of pizza”, can you experience and satisfy the demand for this universally acclaimed Italian icon.

Upon request it is possible to arrange an internship in an important Neapolitan pizzeria for three days.



  1. Introduction

  2. Raw ingredients

  3. Equipment

  4. The dough

    • with kneader

    • manually

  5. Staglio

  6. Preparation of the pizza topping

  7. The oven

  8. Pizza preparation

    • to spread out

    • to flavour

    • to cook


Issued Qualification

  • chef university diploma


Educational Materials

  • video lessons

  • video with practical training



  • 67 minutes

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